Monday, July 14

Around Here

I'm passed the twenty week mark in this pregnancy, and so thankful for a wild little dancer in my belly who's constantly reminding me "I'm okay in here, Mummy".  I've  always wondered what little ones thought of their pregnant Mom's growing bellies- Molly has little interest at all!  I think that since it's been so gradual, it just doesn't phase her.  She will sometimes ask about the baby, but has yet to seem annoyed that I'm holding her differently, or wonder why I'm doing stretches to keep my back from bothering me.  Kids are so resilient, I tell you.

I've said it before, we're raising an animal lover.  I guess it's only natural, with her Dad working on his family's farm.  And I'm thankful, because I was raised around a dog, and a cat or two, but didn't have much experience with large animals.  Molly has been asking to ride horses for months.  So we took an afternoon during our staycation to take her on an hour long trail ride.  The girl loved it, she's fearless.  She asked why Daddy had to ride with her:  "I want to ride this horsey all by myself, Daddy".  No, Molly- this horse is really big, and you need Daddy to help you.  "No I don't, Daddy, I'm a big, big girl!"

She asks to go to the park every day.  I'm not joking.

The stubborn nap fighter.  I seriously don't get it.  But I keep reminding myself that I nursed her last year at this time- a perfect sedative.  So this year, the nap is such a battle.  I understand, too, that some kids just don't need a nap at nearly 3 years old.  But this kid does.  She's a delirious wild woman by 5pm without one!  Thankfully, this weekend we've had her cousin, Quinton, at our home- a four year old who LOVES his nap.  I snapped this picture with my phone after 20 minutes of laying beside her as she explained why she didn't need a nap.  Girl, if you only realized. ;)

Our family reunion, a Western theme!  I love that the number of kids multiply each year- it was just so much fun.  Long day, lots of playing, and little napping.  I think we all slept until 7am on Sunday morning!

The last iphone pic: the Tastee Freez, or the "ice cream store" as Molly affectionately refers.  We drove by after church, and both children asked for a treat for the rest of the day.  This is an 8pm sweet treat last night, and I couldn't get them to hold still long enough to show me what they chose.  "'Nella ice cream on a cone" for Molly, and a "choc-it milk shake" for Quinton.  Not a lick or sip left to share, either ;)

I'd love to keep summer around forever, but that would mean no November, and no due date!  Fortunately, I'm starting to feel better- so I'm not in as much of a hurry to get there.

Have a great week!

Monday, July 7

A Big Girl Room for Molly

I know I've mentioned Molly's big girl room before, so I thought it was time to share its progress.  Not that it's finished- because I don't think anything around here is ever completely finished.  But it's her new space, and she loves it.  So that makes it ready for sharing, I think.  Jesse's in charge of painting her heat register covers- they're obviously not done yet...

I've got a lot of favorite pieces in this room, but this bed.  I have loved a Jenny Lind bed for a while, but it's been cost prohibitive in most of my searches- see this beauty at Land of Nod.  But I had my mind set on it, so I kept looking, and finally stumbled upon her bed here, at Wayfair, and got it on sale for less than $200- shipped!  I'm not sure who was more excited the day this thing arrived ;)

Her bedding was a Christmas gift  (again, an awesome sale) from Mommy and Daddy this past year, and we've been so excited to finally put it to good use.  I paired it with some cheap Walmart sheets, and a quilt from Woolrich I've had for years.

Those curtains were made by Molly's babysitter, who doubles as a seamstress in her spare time.  I found the fabric online here.  I highly recommend the DIY approach to drapes- not only can you get exactly what you're looking for, but it will be so much less expensive than custom store-made curtains. 
The curtain rods are from Walmart, and the hooks from Amazon.

The dresser is handed down from my parent's house- it was mine as a kid, then followed me to college, and on into our first home.  It's had a lot of use, but it's still holding strong.  Plus I love the vintage vibe.

The fabric bunting is from etsy here, and we love it.  I love the stuff I find on that site sometimes.

The picture frames are mostly from Goodwill- but one I see from TJ Maxx.  I print 4x4" photos from my instagram feed from, and they turn out beautifully.  It's such an easy way to update Molly's space. 

 That little rocker is handed down from Jesse's grandparents- I love it, especially it's history.  And I find Molly and a baby quietly rocking in that chair almost everyday.  She's been regularly practicing her big sister/mommy skills.  I can't wait to see her in action :)

The chalkboard came from Goodwill.  The dollhouse was a gift from Santa (it came from  And the prints on the wall are beauties from Katie Daisy.  We love her stuff!

So after months of gathering and planning this room, Molly has been happy to use it for sleeping and playing.  And I'm just glad she doesn't have any resentment leaving the nursery (or our bed).

Happy July!
We're on a staycation for the next few days, and are loving every minute.

Tuesday, July 1


The garden is growing!  As are a lot of other things around here... kittens, Molly, the grass, my belly, the laundry pile-  you know.  

I haven't taken pictures of the kittens until now.  We've been trying to slowly train a toddler on gentle strategies for petting a baby animal- phew.  Since they were born, we've told her not to touch them until their eyes opened.  Sure enough, that girl was the first one to realize that had, in fact, opened their eyes.  And seconds later, she was reaching close to get her first feel of them.  So gently, calmly, we've started holding them.  And can you tell- someone's in love?!   These kittens are probably the first real life lesson (other than the time Daddy hit a deer this winter, while Molly rode shotgun in his truck), because we started with a litter of five, and now there are just two.  Dora (mommy cat) was just a year old, and she's a small cat.  The day she had them, I could not believe five fit in her little body!  But we've learned about reality here.  I guess these things come at a young age when animals are around. 

These two cuties are up for grabs- anyone interested?!!

Ice cream night- every night, pretty much.  I've got two "birthday cake" ice cream lovers.  It's not a minute after dinner when I hear her sweet little voice "can I have birday cake, mummy?!  Daddy too?!"  It's a wonder we're all growing so well...

And this big girl, in her new big girl bed, in her new big girl room.  I can't believe it.  I joke that I must have been the only one afraid of this transition, because she loves sleeping alone.  But after months of her in our bed, and interrupted sleep for us all (fists in the face, elbows in the belly, kicks, rolls throughout the night), I think we're all happy with the "big girl room" transition.

Preparation is beginning for my favorite part of the summer, probably my favorite holiday- the Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth.  My favorite people in the world will all be gathered close, with good food, drinks (virgin for this preggo), and the best of times.  We look forward to this weekend all year!

Happy Fourth!!